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New in the Shop

It's about time I added something new to my tiny shop! I like to keep it small, and only include products I personally use myself. If you follow my tutorials on YouTube then you KNOW that a product has to be worth it if I'm getting my purse out. #queenofstinge

So let me introduce you to a set of 9 shaped cutters.


I use these lots, and I'll leave a few links to videos below in which I find them handy. I just love how you get varying sizes of each shape, and also shapes you dont usually come across, yes I'm talking about you pill shape! The pill shape is great for signs, shop aprons, and cut one end flat for castle windows and doorways. The circles - oh the circles, how many times have you got your metal set out, or your plungers but you JUST don't have that size inbetween!? Hexagons, yes geometric's are still popular and not just for footballs anymore! Triangles - this is my favourite, sure you can cut one with a scalpel, but will it be even? ;) Stars, hearts, rectangles all included in one set! If you want to grab yourself a set because I have VERY limited stock of these then you can click HERE

A few tutorials showing them off:

And that's not all that's new. I have finally gotten round to adding the last 2018 dates for classes. Long term followers will know how rare classes come up because I'm just so slow with them - usually only happening once or twice in January. I was getting asked for sharp edge classes, so this one mainly focuses on stacking and filling a real cake, ganaching it with sharp edges and covering it with sugarpaste. As a bonus we will be airbrushing a misty woodland effect, create a kawaii figure and some animals! The dates are 22nd September or 13th October for the group classes, or for those who want more attention, doesn't work too well in groups or is a little anxious I have a 1-2-1 date to purchase on 24th November. Just click on the image below to go to the shop.

First time you've been here in a while? I now do YouTube tutorials on my channel. They get uploaded each Tuesday at 5pm, and people tell me they are ok ;) Take a look at some of the projects you can create:

Click HERE to go to YouTube

Thanks guys!



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