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What's New?

Well, only a couple of things really, but I just wanted to write about them as what ISN'T new is that Facebook only likes to show you certain things, it doesn't like links! Similarly lots of you have signed up to my newsletter which is AWESOME as I get to send out news to you FIRST, BUT they end up in the junk folder all lost and forgotten like a viagra pill special offer e-mail. How do I know? Because that's where they go in mine! So, if you are signed up and you haven't had the e-mails, make sure you add me to the 'safe list' or have a rummage amongst the exotic women and free poker chips to pluck me out of the junk!

Right, so...what is new? I have a class scheduled for January 2018! Lots of you have been messaging and asking, so thought I'd get one up and running. I don't do many classes a year (just 2 in 2017!) so grab the spots whilst you can.

Real cake Filling and ganache Sharp edges Covering

Handcut beach scene

Standing Kawaii figure Animal Figure

Small details

All handmade - no moulds. So, you'll be able to recreate this at home as there are no specialist tools involved!

Theres also a new PDF in there too. A baby elephant topper tutorial which you can download, use it from your computer, ipad or phone as you follow along, or even print it out. Not sure you want to commit to the £2.00? Have a look on my classes page for two FREE downloadable's for a taste of what you'll be getting.

(Click the pics to take you through)

The previously sold out stencils are back in again, but very limited stock!

And a personal favourite of mine...skulls! I have one of these myself and it's been one of my favourite purchases.

It's a pipette bottle that I fill with lemon extract (or vodka!) and I can mix small amounts of dusts into paint accurately by adding a few drops, and also rejuvenating it with the odd drop. Previously I had been quickly tipping with a bottle or from the lid and you can guarantee I would pour too much, or overflow the lid when I've been in a rush! With the pipette I can add just the right amount and have it ready and waiting to turn the quick drying dust into paint again. AND.....its SKULL SHAPED!!! What more could you want :D

Available in fabulous Halloween colours, I only have a few of each.

(Click the pics to take you through)

Tracey x



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