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Northumberland Holiday

Holiday vlog!

Video vvvvvvv

What does a cake decorator do with her week off, relax by the sea, read a book and soak up the sun? No, we climb hills, ride rollercoasters and don't stop for a second, it's what we are used to. :D

On our way to Northumberland we stopped off at Lightwater Valley for Abbi's 9th birthday. I hadn't been here since primary school and a lot of the rides I remember were missing.

It was a little pricey to get in for what it was. A lot of the rides were just carnival type rides or rollercoasters on a patch of land with no theming around it. They had made a bit more effort in the pirate area though with rope bridges and a shipwreck. I'd visit once to experience some of the rides, but they'd have to lower their prices to get me back again.

The next day we headed to Kirkley Hall zoological gardens where they had Kai's favourite animal....a capybara.

If you've not seen one of these before, they are the worlds largest rodent and are pretty much giant guinea pigs with longer legs and a tougher coat! Yes, they squeak too.

Following on from the zoo we pulled our walking boots on for a few hours trek through the Northumberland National Park. Little did we know those few hours turned into quite a LOT of hours when we got stuck up a very large rock. At least the view was good....

We didn't get to really appreciate the Beamish Museum the next day as our legs were all so tired and there are SO many flights of stairs in all the different buildings. This place is HUGE. The entrance fee is actually an annual pass, and I'd say you need 2 days if you really want to see and do it all. We missed out on a tram ride, buses, the mines and several buildings. Not only that but they are expanding with a 1950's town too!

On the last day we had a quick trip to walk down the beach, but soon gave up. Tired? Yes. Ready for home? Yes. But the main reason was because my sock would NOT stay on and kept bunching up under my foot, which was highly annoying. lol

And just in case you hadn't noticed, the full thing can be viewed in video format on the first image - just click the play button!

Thanks guys! See you soon x



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