Elsa Figure Tutorial

2013...TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN. Thats the year Frozen came out....3 years on it is STILL as popular as ever, and no-one knows it more than the cake decorators out there that have already made Elsa 423 times. *bows down* So, how about a simplified, but oh so cute version? I mean, with the news that Frozen 2 is in the pipeline it might just save your sanity a little! Let's get started :D

So there we have it, a quick, simple Elsa figure! Would you like the added benefit of having this on your computer with text instructions? So you can refer to it any time, even offline in a PDF document all in one place? Well you can, and guess what, it's only 50p....FIFTY PENCE! All yours to keep forever :D

Get it HERE

Tools Used: Renshaw's Flesh Paste

Dresden Tool

Small Ball Tool Pink Lustre

Scalpel All clickable links!