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Halloween Wreath Tutorial

And it's freeeee!

I know, I know...I'm a cake decorator, but I'm sure I'm not alone in just having the need to try other crafts from time to time. I blame Neil and his 'Art Attack' programme I used to watch when I was younger. 2 parts PVA glue to 1 part water...BOOM, you just made an Eiffel tower out of loo roll. Magic Annnyway, I am in the UK so these are items you can get here but I'm sure you guys in the US will be able to get your hands on even more cooler Halloween stuff over there! What you will need:

Pipe insulation - pool noodle - or foam ring Gaffer Tape Scissors Black feather boa Decorations such as flowers, skulls, spiders, feathers Black wire Creepy Cloth The cost and stores: Pipe insulation - B&Q - 92p Black feather boa - local garden centre £4.99 Tape - £2 Creepy Cloth - Poundland £1 Skull wall hanging - clearance at Poundland - 72p Flowers and glitter feather - local garden centre £4 Total - £13.63

Lets do it!

Firstly you will need to make the inner ring. Just gaffer tape the two ends together, and get smacked in the face a few times in the process by one of the escaping ends. *Also stick gaffer tape to your rug, your fingers and your pants before finally getting it wrapped in place. *that parts optional

Wrap your black feather boa around your ring and loop black wires every so often to keep it in place.

I taped both ends of the boa to the ring as I know I am adding a skull in there to hide the join.

The fun part!!

Take all the pieces you bought and have fun arranging them around until you are happy. You can swap out the skull for a really creepy bat, spider or rat!

My skull wall hanging from the pound shop didn't have holes or clips (what's all that about!) so I just made two with a screwdriver and threaded a wire through to secure to the ring.

I then added my flowers and glitter feather, securing into place with more black wires. You can choose to use hot glue if you like to make it more permanent, but I might fancy changing this up a little next year - maybe abit of Jack Skellington action!!

Open up your 'creepy cloth' and just hack pieces off. You don't need to make them look 'distressed' as they will mostly likely end up that way whilst attaching! I think the more you shout at it, the more it just falls to pieces.

Thread the wire through the cloth (what's left of it) and give it a couple of twists to keep it secure, and then pin in place.

Woooo you're done!! Don't forget though, as light as the skull was in weight, as it's off-centred in this design it will tend to pull your wreath downwards as you hang it. To fix this I just grabbed the nearest thing I could find (some heavy metal washers!) and wired them to the other side of the ring to counter-balance. My Halloween fireplace looks quite empty and bare at the moment, but I'm working on it!!

I'll give this blog an update when it's done :D Have fun!



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