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If you're an organisation or stationary lover like I am then I'm sure you'll make use of this fun weekly planner!

I use desk planners religiously each week to keep me right on track with my busy schedule. I designed this one with cake makers and creatives in mind with the below perks:

*Every day of the week is the same size (we work Saturdays and Sundays too don't you know?!)

*It's A4 sized.

* It's portrait, so looks neat on your desk if you need to stack letters or other notebooks on top which are all usually portrait too.

*50 easily removable tear-off sheets.

* Enough space to write the date, your tasks, what you're having for dinner or tea...

* Not lined - so you choose how big or small your list is, and decorate it with doodles or stickers.

* Notes section for when you have a job on your mind - but not for that week!

* Design box - Write in what designs you're working on so you can see at a glance, or use it to list the cake sketches you still have to work on.

* 'To Buy' box to quickly list that item you just ran out of!

* One pad will last you almost a full year! Not bad for £7.50

And it comes in my fun pink, blue and yellow colour scheme with a touch of the 80's charm.

Weekly Planner Pad -A4

£7.50 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
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