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The Old School Mickey and Minnie Cake

Social media is just as bad, as it is good....the good being able to keep in touch with many people no matter how long ago you saw them, or where they have moved to. I met my friend Tamara at primary school, where we then went on to different secondary schools. 19 years later here we are through the power of Facebook (omg I'm 30 now, what even happened?!) and she had found the man of her dreams, was getting married and needed a cake. Fab!

I would love to say I was the one in the fabulous Ladybird coat with matching leggings, but nope LOL Oh, the 90's

They were going with an old school theme, but no, they weren't teachers! They liked the theme and were getting married at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester which was an old a school house. The invites were like old exercise books, they had cootie catchers, mini glass milk bottles, every inch was themed so we brought all that into the cake! We added Minnie and Mickey on too as who doesn't love a bit of Disney?!

Chalk, bouncy balls, crayons, push pins, books, sharpeners, aeroplanes...

The Chalkboard tier was painted with Rainbow Dust Snowdrift

Cootie catchers and Aeroplanes, made from wafer paper!

Congrats guys! xxx